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Volume 25. Trauma & Acute care
Answer Sheet: Trauma Update - Volume 25
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Volume 24. Epidural Analgesia in Trauma
Answer Sheet: Trauma Update - Volume 24
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Volume 23. Management of the Geriatric trauma patient
Volume 22. Non-Operative Management of Blunt Hepatic and Splenic Injuries
Volume 21. Craniomaxillofacial Trauma
Volume 20. Trauma in pregnant patients
Volume 19. Hollow Viscus Injuries
Volume 18. Special Considerations Regarding Obesity and Trauma
Volume 17. Spinal Fractures and Spinal Cord Injury
Volume 16. Knee dislocations and Open Fractures
Volume 15. Hunting Related Injuries
Volume 14. The Modern Military Trauma System:
Volume 13. Distracted Driving
Volume 12. Winter Sports and Injuries Questions:
Volume 11. Blunt Chest Injuries and Rib Fractures
Volume 10. Prevention and Treatment of Injuries Associated with Aquatic Recreational Activities
Volume 9. Traumatic Brain Injury
Volume 8. Pediatric Injuries
Volume 7. Blunt Splenic Injury
Volume 6. Microsurgical Replantation and Reconstruction
Volume 5. Resuscitation Strategies: Use of Blood Products in Traumatic Hemorrhage
Volume 4. Mechanisms of Trauma
Volume 3. X-rays and Lab studies: in the Trauma Patient
Volume 2. Secondary and Tertiary Survey
Volume 1. The ABC's of Trauma Care: Primary Survey